Tel Aviv promenade (known in Hebrew as Ha Tayelet) is a promenade that runs along the Mediterranean seashore in Tel Aviv, Israel. During the time around World War II the all the piss & shit from the city was poured directly into the sea, so bathing was prohibited (and disgusting) and the beach was neglected. At that time you could also find many gambling joints & brothels along the promenade.

Tel Aviv beach Promenade
Tel Aviv Beach Promenade

Luckily the environmentalists have won (if not the whole world, then at least some of it), so today the water is safe & the area itself (and basically the whole city) is generally upgraded. Ha Tayelet is a favourite place for many Israelis & tourists, and Tel Aviv is well-known for its thriving nightlife with her many bars & clubs. She has often been listed among the top ten party cities in the world.

Some older kids playing games at the beach promenade in Tel Aviv (probably they're not updating their facebook accounts).
Some older kids playing games at the beach promenade in Tel Aviv (probably they’re not updating their facebook accounts).

During the day, people are enjoying the sun, the sand & the water: playing games, swimming, sunbathing or enjoying a beer while they are updating their facebook statuses with something like “I am at the beach (which means that I must be super cool)” – or whatever it is that people write on their profiles…

The beach in Tel Aviv is a great place to enjoy your day.
The whole western edge of Tel Aviv is one long Mediterranean beach.

More posts about Tel Aviv will come during 2012.