Some subtle HDR shit

I’m not a big fan of HDR-photography, I much prefer the real deal. On this photo however, I quickly blended two photos together. They are both shot this morning and the motive is “Nordenga Bru” (Nordenga bridge) that combines the streets Schweigaardsgate & Bispegata.

Here's the finished result. I didn't care to much about the details. Nordenga Bru 31.12.2011.

Here’s the finished result. I didn’t pay too much attention to the details. “Nordenga Bru 31.12.2011.”

These are the two photos that I used. Because I only used two photos I guess it’s technically more IDR (Increased Dynamic Range) than HDR, but I’m not into the HDR craze, so I’m not so sure about the correct labelling… Perhaps some of my readers can correct my terminology?

Anyway, so this was my first attempt at this…

EDIT: And here I am, one year later:



17 thoughts on “Some subtle HDR shit

  1. Very cool shot Cardinal, but I don’t know anything about the technical aspects of altering or combining, or whatever. Hope you have a beautiful New Year’s Eve my friend. Margie

  2. That’s really a great shot with the curve in the bridge and all. I am clueless on all the technicalities of photography, HDR, IDR, Photoshop…..whatever. I just see things that are beautiful and figure out my POV (ha ha, I had to stop and figure that one out on someone else’s blog) point of view. I keep thinking in 2012 I’ll take a class in photography.

    • Haha, like so many other men I’ve learned about POV from elsewhere… (let’s not get into details on that one…).

      A class in photography sounds like a great idea. You can always pick up some good tips & tricks from a professional. I went to one evening class through one of my old jobs (I’ve had so many jobs that I’ve lost count of them all). The class was just for one evening so I didn’t feel like I learned a lot, but it was interesting anyway.

      If you can’t go to a class it’s always helpful to read some magazines on the topic, or find some good websites.

  3. No matter how you spell it – HDR, IDR… it’s G-R-E-A-T!!

    Best of everything to you and yours in the new year! 🙂

    • Thanks Granny! I’ve posted 69 posts last year (from August 2011). Just posted my 70th post today, and hopefully the number will increase in 2012!

      Wish you all the best too!

  4. It isn’t hard to see the advantages of blending your two photos together!

    It is on my list this year to investigate HDR photography, having just discovered what it is! I think it is an option that would work well with certain photos!

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