Follow-up on the violent demonstration

In a Weekly Photo Challenge back in November 2011 I posted a photo from a violent demonstration in Oslo. In that post Jo Bryant commented and said: 

I hope you post more I’d love to see what else went on

So, here are some more photos from that day, plus a video with some background information (parts of the demonstration is filmed in the end of the video).



10 thoughts on “Follow-up on the violent demonstration

  1. Now that we are somewhat removed in time from these events I should love to know how you feel now on looking back at what took place then. Your wonderful photos and clips stir me in a way that brings it all back, the tension, the seething violence of what I experienced in NY. However, I can’t forget so much of the camaraderie, the wonderful people I have met and I mean that across the board, police and officials included. So many of us have hundreds of images, film etc that we are thinking of getting together to mount a collective in which to share our experiences. Love to know your opinion!

    • My opinion? On what? On these people?
      On getting together to mount a collective in which to share our experiences? My opinion on the occupy wall street movement? (these guys have nothing to do with occupy wall street). About what happened on the demonstration there that day?
      Please be more specific 🙂

  2. Cardinal Guzman, please forgive me for not being all over the place and not more more specific. I find violent demonstrations, whatever the cause, just so damned confusing. Love your photos!

    • I’ve started to write on this long reply to you, but I haven’t posted it yet because I can’t seem to get the words right….
      It was fun to be taking pictures of this demonstration: you could really feel the tension & the adrenaline. The police officers where NOT comfortable with the situation at all. At some point they were just hiding behind their cars for a long period of tiome, and the demonstrators were in full control.

      But, I don’t think the demonstrators have any right to throw rocks at the police and act violent like that. On the other hand: change doesn’t come without a fight – you don’t change shit by voting every 4th year.

      Unfortunatley the punks have a tendeendy to throw rocks and use violence against people, especially if these people are:
      1. police officers, or
      2 negative towards immigration.
      3. support Israel.

      The punks are like a religious sect – the only difference is that they have swapped religion with politics. They claim to be individualists, but they all dress and act pretty much the same. In order to fit in, you’ll need to have the correct political opinions (the same as them) and you cannot wear whichever clothes you like: you have to wear something that shows how individual you are.
      If you do not follow their unwritten rules, they will reject you from their community.

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