Amazing winter-colors (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I posted a winter photo from Oslo just a few days ago and today, as luck would have it, the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Winter”. Here are a couple of more winter photos that I shot the other day, except from the last one which is from winter 2009. I wanted to share with you how beautiful the sky can be during the winter. 

Now, around winter solstice, the days are short and the nights are long, but the sunlight can really create some wonderful, amazing colors.
This photo is shot in the afternoon (click for large etc. etc):

Sunset in Oslo, December 2011.

Sunset in Oslo, December 2011.

As a photographer you have to move quickly when you’re shooting during winter-sunset and/or sunrise, because the special & magic light, can suddenly disappear – sometimes the very special light conditions lasts only for a few minutes!

Another afternoon photo:

Sunset over the Oslofjord & the ferry to Denmark. December 2011.

Sunset over the Oslofjord & the ferry to Denmark. December 2011.

So there’s no time to take breaks, and if you have to move around – make sure you move quickly! It can also be worthwhile to seek out the area where you’re supposed to take photos in advance: go there in the daytime, find the best placement, the best view etc.

And here’s a morning shot:Winter morning, Oslofjord 2009.

Winter morning, Oslofjord 2009.

Bring on the Fimbulwinter!

56 thoughts on “Amazing winter-colors (Weekly Photo Challenge)

    • Yes it is. I totally agree. A lot of people hate or dislike winters, but not me. Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t last that long, and it seems like my wish will come true this year 🙂

  1. I notice the sky more in winter. Love the orange sunrise with the sun’s light reflected on the bottoms of the clouds. I’m learning to keep my camera on me and charges so I won’t miss that fleeting light. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Beautiful photos, and you are so right. The light can change so quickly that you’ve gotta be on it right away! I’ve just really started on the photography thing, and I’ve learned that all too quickly.

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  4. great tips – and your images demonstrate that you follow your own advice!
    all of them are clicked well – and the last one in particular is spectacular!
    thanks for sharing.

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  9. You’ve captured some incredible shots here. You are absolutely right about the light, that perfect moment can last but a few seconds and things change. These colors are fantastic!! Thanks for directing me here. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by & commenting Rolling with Husky. I’m glad you liked the photos.

      (and thanks for the pingbacks Directionally Impaired & aNTibaKTeRiYeL)

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