Winter Photo from Oslo

Here’s a winter photo from Oslo. It’s probably not quite what you imagine when you hear the words ‘Oslo’ & ‘Winter’ in the same sentence, but this winter has been very mild so far, which means there’s no snow or ice here.

Oslo, 2nd day of Christmas 2011. by

Oslo, 2nd day of Christmas 2011. By

There was no white christmas in Oslo this year…

33 thoughts on “Winter Photo from Oslo

    • Glad you love my compostition Margie. Please send me some ice if you can, so I can ice skate! (you can keep the snow, I don’t need it now that christmas is over).

    • Two winters ago Oslo had a lot of snow, more than in 50 years or something. Winters/seasons are always changing – some are warmer, colder or more wet than what’s normal.

  1. A beautiful photo. The lighting is perfect! I have no idea if we will have a mild winter or not, this being my first in Cleveland. I am a warm weather person, so winter is always a challenge for me whether mild or harsh!

    • Your first winter in your new house & place? How exiting! Winters can be challenging, but you get used to them.
      I can enjoy the winter sometimes; ice skating, northern lights and stuff like that.
      The two things I hate most about winters is:
      1. They last too long
      2. The electric bill

      Edit: oh, and I almost forgot: glad you liked my photo and the light.

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