The Impact (Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting)

This guy (who probably wants to remain anonymous) is clearly waiting for the impact (get ready to crash & freeze!). Unfortunately the focus on the image is on the background, but sometimes that’s the price to pay when you’re using auto-focus…

Waiting for the impact...

Waiting for the impact…

The image is shot a few years ago. You can clearly tell that it’s not from this winter, because there is no snow here yet… (where are you winter?!?)
Because of the combination of an exam at the university + full-time job I had to look up the back-catalogue for this Weekly Photo Challenge

Here’s a runner-up: A guy waiting for something next to a road and the railroad tracks somewhere in the north of India.

Waiting for something, somewhere in India.

Waiting for something, somewhere in India. I spotted this guy as I was driving along on my Enfield Bullet and just had to stop to take a photo. 

Here are some random fellow bloggers interpretations of this weeks photo challenge: waiting for the metro – waiting for a train

27 thoughts on “The Impact (Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting)

  1. Nice! First picture really is cool, -impact- that must have been snowy. Hehe.

    Thanks for the pingback. 🙂

    • Thanks. By the way: I like your photo of the waiting man ( ) , but because of some security settings (adblocker & no-script) on the computer I can’t comment or click like on blogs where one has to log in (even if I’m already logged in to wordpress).
      So, now you know.

      (If an readers have any suggestions on how to handle this, I appreciate any tip I can get. Maybe I’ll write a post about it on the help forum?)

  2. absolutely loved the out-of-focus effect in the first pic….and can imagine the impact to be really cold 😉

  3. Whoa, one can almost feel like they are going down with the skier…ouch!
    Thanks for stopping in with a Like over at my place and sending you *cyber success energies for your exams and work! 🙂

  4. ouch – hope he didn’t hurt much more than his pride.
    but i agree with an earlier comment – those skis are so far apart. unbelievable!
    thanks for sharing these two moments.

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