The blades are sharpened

Yes, the blades are sharpened and ready for action. All that needs to be done now, is to wait for the cold and the ice to come sailing over the northern hemisphere. As soon as both of them have arrived it’s off to the nearest skating rink or park to indulge in the enchanting joys of winter!

The pucks are anxiously waiting in the hallway for their rendezvous with the stick, where they’ll be bashed around and get a good beating on their journeys across the ice. The blades are sharpened, ready to propel me across a sheet of ice. The only thing missing now is a new stick (my old one is too short) and of course the most important ingredient: the ice! You can rent ice skates at "Narvisen" in Spikersuppa, Oslo, or you can bring your own and skate for free.

If you’re a visitor to Oslo during winter you don’t have to bring your ice skates to have fun. At Spikersuppa, the skating rink that is located smack in the middle of the main tourist street (Karl Johans Gate – “Karl Johans Street”), you can rent skates at a low price between December & March.
On the positive side “Narvisen” is illuminated the whole afternoon/evening and you’ll find all kind of people skate there, varying from first- to old-timers.
What I find annoying about the place is that they constantly play loud, crappy music – the typical audio feces that any commercial radio station will serve you (courtesy of the big record labels).

Many parks have seasonal skating rinks.

Many parks have seasonal skating rinks.

At Frogner Stadium you can also rent skates and enjoy the ice. At Spikersuppa and Frogner Stadium they don’t allow hockey equipment, so if you want to play ice hockey you’ll have to head for one of the numerous parks, but then you’ll need your own equipment…
If you’re already the proud owner of a couple of skates, you can also go ice skating at the frozen lakes in one of the forests surrounding Oslo or, if the ice is thick enough, skate on the fjord.

Or you can go watch the pros.

Or you can go watch the pros.

Trivia: The first skate to use a metal blade was found in Scandinavia and was dated to 200 and was fitted with a thin strip of copper folded and attached to the underside of a leather shoe. (Wikipedia)

"Narvisen" in Spikersuppa: both for advanced and beginners.

“Narvisen” in Spikersuppa: both for advanced and beginners.

Enough with the autumn already! Bring on the Fimbulwinter!

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