Winter orchids

The winter is coming, there is no doubt. I’ve heard people talk about it: the weather reporter on TV mentioned it, friends of friends on different websites specializing in social networking have discussed the subject, plus a family member that lives in far, far away land, told me they already had seen snow this year and that it was early. And then there’s convection…

Yes, that’s right. The convection. The winter. It’s cold, and convection causes the warm water to sink. But hey! Don’t blame it on me (don’t blame it on the good times or the boogie either, but I guess you can, at least to some extent, blame it on the sunshine)!. When the water reaches near freezing temerature, the water won’t expand just because it’s being heated a few degrees, thus it will not rise. This is the explanation on how the fishes can survive the winter in icy water, because the heavier and warmer water sinks to the bottom of the lake. So, like I’ve already explained, convection forces the warm water to sink – all because of gravity: without gravity free convection will not occur, because the buoyancy is no longer current.

I will lock suns manager up in these chains

I will lock life’s manager up in these chains

Winter is nice, it has its charm – for a while – the only thing bothering me about winter is the length of it. Maybe you don’t live a place where there are winters, I don’t know.  Maybe you do. Maybe you are sitting there thinking, “What an idiot, we just had rainy season, now there’s dry season, then rainy season will return” while you’re wobbling your head from side to side. What do I know? Perhaps you live a place where “winter” means that it might rain a day or two during the next 1-2 months. Like in Israel: come winter and people are getting depressed, borderline suicidal, because of the “darkness” and the “rain”. I hear them whine about it and I’m thinking:

Darkness?! What darkness? What rain?! What the hell is he/she talking about? They don’t know darkness, they do not understand the concept of darkness! In the countries around and above the arctic circle people don’t have blood: they have rivers of darkness running through their veins – now that’s dark. If you oversleep one morning you’ll have to wait till the next day to catch a glimpse of the sun, you might as well sleep through rest of the day. Further north it’s even worse! The sun sets in December and decides to disappear for a few months! What?!? Why are you doing this to me sun? What have I ever done to you that makes you think I deserve such a treatment?

All of a sudden I find myself screaming:

I demand to see life’s manager!!

Well. This was all just a derailment from my train of thoughts. All I really wanted was to share the picture of these winter orchids from last winter. Aren’t they beautiful? They made me think of the movie Adaptation with Nicolas Cage. Perhaps one of the best films cage has done, and it was done before he started on his personal voyage into suckfest. writes about Adaptation:

Charlie Kaufman writes the way he lives… With Great Difficulty. His Twin Brother Donald Lives the way he writes… with foolish abandon. Susan writes about life… But can’t live it. John’s life is a book… Waiting to be adapted. One story… Four Lives… A million ways it can end.

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