Early morning Jerusalem – photos

Jerusalem – the capital of Israel – is situated in the central part of the mountain range of Israel. This city has been habited as early as  the fourth millennium B.C.E, much because of its comparatively low environments, with easy passages eastwards and westwards, and a spring which provides abundant water all year round.
After having thought about it several times, but without being able to drag my ass out of bed, one sleepless night, I finally decided to take advantage of the special light one gets in the morning during sunrise. So I armed myself with my camera, made some lunch (pita bread with humus) to avoid getting hungry in the middle of my mission, and set off into the night. The two pictures of the little girl tripping over and falling is shot late one evening and is not from the same session. Except from that all of these pictures is from the same night/early morning, the time span ranging from 03:30 – 09:00. Here are the results:

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