Louis de Bernieres “Red Dog” – the movie!

Red Dog movie poster

Red Dog movie poster

I was glad when I realized that this dog has made it to the movies!”Red Dog” is a short novel Louis de Bernières wrote after he discovered a statue of a dog in the city of Karratha in the Australian outback.

Kathryn Flett at Guardian.co.uk writes the following in her book review from 2001:

“Red Dog is the semi-fictionalised biography of an extraordinary Red Cloud Kelpie – a tough, stocky, short-haired, pointy-eared breed of Australian sheep dog, descended from the Scottish collie – who became a legend in Western Australia during his short life (1971- 1979 RIP).
By the time Louis de Bernières came across a bronze statue of Red Dog while attending the first ever literary dinner in Karratha, a mining town north of Perth, in 1998, the kelpie had already been the subject of two biographies.”

The book is funny, entertaining and touching, and like the other books of Louis de Bernières it’s also well-written. The book and movie is based on a true story (of course with some artistic freedom). It’s a short book, and in my opinion the story represents some kind of independence and spirit of adventure.

Now, 10 years later, this novel has been filmatized. As far as I know it’s on the cinemas in Australia as I write this, and hopefully it will soon come to a cinema near me (and you).

Here’s a clip from YouTube:

I cut out some quotes from people that has watched the movie (quotes from MovieFix):

  • Typical Aussie Movie. Too much drinking and brawling, plus the usual toilet jokes. – Black Dog, Perth, W
  • Brilliant movie, it brought me to tears and made me laugh i loved it i recommend you see it.
    – Isabella, Melbourne, VIC.
  • Reviewers (the paid) ones generally I stay away from. But when ‘ordinary’ people take the time for the first time to add comment, its time to take notice. Go with the flow enjoy a movie that is sentimental, emotional, humorous and just great entertainment. Amongst a host of memorable scenes/story lines, the conflict between Red Dog and Red Cat is classic. Will see again.
    – Peter, Newcastle, NSW
  • This movie is simply lovely; and just like other Australian films I have seen in the past, it captures your heart. It is clear a small budget movie; but seems to making a massive impact at the cinema; and rightly so.
    Jaqueline L ,Perth, WA

Book info:
Louis de Bernières
Red dog
ISBN: 9780099429043

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