Short movie from Pedro Almodovar

Here is a short film by Pedro Almodovar – “the cannibal counselor” (La concejala antropófaga). It is shot while filming the movie “Broken Embraces” (Los Abrazos Rotos).

In his youth Almodóvar was an observer of the middle class as the consumer culture made its entry. Wikipedia writes that “He is known for telling Spanish daily stories with bizarre elements and characters in a warm and entertaining, sensual and rhythmic way.”

Here’s nevertheless a little short film from the master – inspired from the current movie “Broken embraces.” In this short film you’ll meet the characters Pina, Maribel and Chon, where the latter comes with a sort of political commentary on society – and a solution of how things can be improved.
Maybe something to consider in this election times? The film has English subtitles. Click on the image below to watch the film, or use the link to Dailymotion.

The characters are:
Carmen Machi: Chon
Penelope Cruz: Pina
Marta Aledo: Maribel

La Concejala Antropofaga, Pedro Almodóvar –
IMDB: La concejala antropófaga

Les dette innlegget på norsk

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