Monochrome Street Portraits

I shot some street portraits of these wonderful officers on my last visit to Jerusalem. I was passing by and asked them if I could take their photos, they both agreed and I shot 5-6 shots. These are the two best ones, which I’ve turned into black & white for Leanne & Laura’s «Monochrome Madness»…

August: Sleepy (this also won a prize in a photo contest).

Focus: Sleepy in Jerusalem

Here’s a small preview of what’s to come in my August Street Photo Gallery. I captured this guy as he was sleeping his way through the narrow streets in the old city of Jerusalem. The Depth of Field isn’t extremely shallow, but still shallow enough to lead the eyes to the boy and the two…


Street photos from Israel 18-21

Busy days, so I’ll post this draft that has been waiting to be published: This has been part 18-21 of my series “Street photos from Israel”. If you have missed out on the previous shots, you’ll find them here: Related articles Street photo from Israel 01 ( Street photo from Israel 02 ( Street photo…


Another Rainy Day

Rain, rain, rain.  “It will rain all this night and we will sleep transfixed by the dark water as our blood runs through our fragile life.” ― Charles Bukowski These are shot with my old Canon EOS 300D camera. Still can’t get enough? Here’s more rain:  Everyday Life: Rainy Day It keeps pouring down