Anita Sikorska Gallery

Random collection of photos from a photo shoot with Anita Sikorska. These were shot in an old fort. We set off some smoke bombs, used reflectors and flash and took advantage of the sunlight at the time around sunset. We had to work very quickly because of the sun and the smoke.


Jerusalem Inspired Cover Art

This is my second entry for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week, where the theme is Cover Art. For this week’s Photo Challenge, stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine. Would the image inspire us to…


Portrait of a Musician

I guess this photo could have been the cover art for an album. The guy playing guitar on the photo is Knut. Knut and I met through mutual friends and he’s a guest musician on several of my ‘recordings’. If you’re interested in listening, here’s a tune we recorded many years ago. This recording is…


Milk Splash Model

This could have been an advertisement for the infamous Korova Milk Bar from the movie/book A Clockwork Orange, but it’s not. Ben Rowe posted a milk splash tulip the other day. I was inspired by his result and felt like playing with some milk myself, so I sat down and created this. At first it…



I brought my camera and went to the Norwegian Championship in Taekwondo today. To see the rest of the photos from this event, make sure to add me on Google+ (you can see some photos on my public profile, but there’s plenty more for my contacts).


Jerusalem 9930

Jo takes us for a Monday Walk every Monday. This photo was shot on one of my morning walks in Jerusalem. Check out Jo’s post for more:


The Chicken

Sometimes one photo is enough, other times two pictures tells you everything you’ll need to know… This chicken probably saw the sign of what’s to come…


Street Portrait: The Photographer

This portrait photographer in Jerusalem suggested that I should use a Polaroid camera. “It’s much better than those new digital cameras”, he said. I met this photographer as I was walking around in Jerusalem, he sold Polaroid pictures as a way of making ends meet. I felt like I had to support a fellow photographer,…


After the Afterparty

This is an old photo, shot with film and a point & shoot camera. The title of the photo really explains everything that’s happening in the scene. Since the theme of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Nighttime. I also decided to add a song which is self-made (D.I.Y.) and I would appreciate it…